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Goals and Issues

When I ran for the for the School Board four years ago I laid out a series of priorities and goals. I’ve listed them below, along with the progress made so far.

Improving STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), the Arts & Athletics

  • STEM – We have continued to cultivate our partnership with our two National Laboratories. Recently a number of students who completed internships each received a sizeable scholarship check following their program presentations. Our Science Odyssey program has expanded, and we’ve increased program at both comprehensive high schools, including advanced math courses.
  • The Arts – Our Culinary Arts program is now strongly supported and offers unique opportunities to our interested students. Our music programs have been funded and offer a wide range of opportunities. Arroyo Seco is now a STE’A’M focused school.
  • Athletics – We are currently completing major renovations of both our Football. Stadiums. New state-of-the-art multi-sport turf, track re-surfacing (and lane expansion at LHS), new fully accessible bleachers that are topped by a large 3-room press box, emergency lighting and improved communications will better serve our student-athletes and their viewing audience.

Modernization of our Facilities

  • Infrastructure improvement can be seen happening throughout our school campuses. HVAC replacement, roofing repairs, drainage systems, painting, security systems, and many more will continue to see improvement.
  • Public electronic marquees have been installed or replaced at our campuses throughout the city.
  • All 650 classrooms will be equipped with an audio assistance system. This system will allow our Teachers to project clearly to all students, and allow our students to better communicate both to their instructor and to one and other.

Solar Program – Electric generating solar panels have been installed at several of our campuses and more are on the way.

Seek Additional Funding for Targeted Objectives

  • I began a process to establish a Federal presence for the District. This effort has allowed us to seek funding for much needed objectives. We very recently received notice that we were awarded not one, but three federal grants. These grants are timely and will directly benefit some of our most vulnerable students.

During the last four years I was able to implement and oversee many programs in keeping my promise to move our schools to excellence.

I have helped modernize our facilities through a partnership with Cisco Systems. Reaching out to professional relationships, I was able to forge a partnership that has benefitted our students and Teachers. Cisco’s “Telepresence Conferencing System” is the standard of industry. This system allows for immediate dissemination of information between our District Office and school campuses, and allows our students to be able to view and participate in outside presentations. This technology will provide for previously unattainable growth and enrichment opportunities in our schools.

When I observed that our District had no solar program, I pushed for us to go solar. Today it is visible on many of our campuses. These structures not only provide shade and security lighting, but will save us around $400,000 in their first full year of operation with ZERO dollars out-of-pocket. This saves us money that can be used elsewhere to benefit Livermore students.

We have renovated and improved many of our sports facilities, giving our students the opportunity to fully experience the advantages of competition and sportsmanship.

With your support, these next four years will be spent on the path we have laid out and include a few additional goals:

  1. Oversee Implementation of our Community Supported Facilities Bond (Measure J)
  • These funds will make remarkable improvements to our campuses, with emphasis on our two comprehensive high schools, our expanding IB World School – Joe Michell K-8, and the long overdue revamp of East Avenue MS.
  1. Pursue Equity in Funding
  • Our State funding per student (ADA) needs to be adjusted upward to achieve equity for our students.
  • The needs and mandates of our students with special needs are not fully funded, and we will continue to aggressively pursue equity.
  1. Pursue Pathways to the Construction Trades for Interested Students
  • Utilizing my existing relationships within the trades, I hope to create direct pathways for our students. There are numerous opportunities for those seeking a career in the skilled trades and I believe it can start right here for many of our interested students.
  1. Support Student-Athletes
  • The construction of our athletic plaza and aquatic facility at Granada High School and the expansive athletic complex and aquatic facility at Livermore High School will mark a new day for our community and offer our students previously unavailable opportunity. I will remain dedicated to seeking every available opportunity for our students throughout this process.

My goal for the next 4 years is simple and straight forward – Achieve EXCELLENCE in our Livermore School! 

I ask that you support me in our mission of providing our Livermore Students the best educational experience possible, and cast your VOTE for Bueno on November 8th